Jessica Alba's 'Honest' Organic Baby Food Company Sued Over Synthetic Ingredients

"My kids only eat organic," Jessica Alba once told The Daily Meal. "I will not have them eating chicken nuggets. I'm like, 'you're gonna starve and get a timeout.'"

Jessica Alba — A-list Hollywood actress, mom, and famous enthusiast of a clean and organic lifestyle — is in some legal trouble with her Honest Company brand. According to a recently filed lawsuit, the Honest Company's organic baby food is actually made with "synthetic substances that are not allowed in organic products."

The lawsuit has been filed by the Los Angeles Superior Court by the Organic Consumers Association, and claims that Honest Company is guilty of false advertising. Organic Consumers Association alleges that sodium selenite, "an extremely hazardous and toxic synthetic compound" and taurine, "a synthetic additive that has been associated with negative brain and nervous system effects in animals," were among the ingredients found in the product.

This is not the first time Honest Company has been hit with legal trouble. Several lawsuits filed last year, according to Fortune, also alleged similar toxic, inorganic substances.

The Daily Meal has contacted Honest Company for a statement.