Here's What The New York Yankees Eat For Fuel And Major Wins

Do you ever wonder where those out of the park home runs come from? Hopefully they're due to talent and not supplements, but all A-Rod jokes aside, Major League baseball players are actually becoming more and more conscious about their diets, and The New York Yankees aren't taking any chances. The Yankees just hired nutritionist Cynthia Sass to increase their competitive advantage through proper nutrition.

So if you thought you'd enter the Yankees clubhouse and find hot dogs, beer, and sunflower seeds, you'd be wrong. Sass is helping the Yankees fuel the fire through kale smoothies, quinoa, brown rice, and grilled chicken, according to The New York Times. Why? Healthier food going into the body means a better immune system, quicker healing processes, and less inflammation.

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi hired Sass, according to The New York Times, because he wasn't happy with the current chefs the Yankees employed, and thought the team could be doing more to stay healthy. To be clear, nothing is prohibited. So if CC Sabathia really wanted a cheeseburger, or Brett Gardner was craving a plate of wings, they'd be able to request that. These choices just would not be on display.