Here's The Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake You Didn't Know You Needed

While we definitely don't agree with all the nonsense about how Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat (hello, delusion), we do feel strongly that our favorite feline can be both an organic farmer and the subject of a dedicated ice cream cake, which is now available at major retailers like Target and Walmart.

Whether you're sick of Fudgie the Whale, or you just respect the business empire put together by a cartoon cat, you should consider inviting the legendary "adorable ambassador of friendship" into your home for all future celebrations.

Rich Products Corporation, the company behind this beautiful ice cream creation, says that the impetus was the fact that Hello Kitty is "one of the all-time favorite characters of young girls," but we all know that Hello Kitty's friendship knows no age or gender boundaries.

The Hello Kitty cake serves 12 and is also available at grocers like A&P, Giant Eagle, King Kullen, and Wegman's. Full disclosure: By the time we got to dig in, she was a little worse for the wear — but that's okay, we still love her.