Did You Know That Drake Pays Homage To Guy Fieri In His Newest Mixtape?

In case you missed it, Drake released his latest mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, without fanfare last week. 

In turn, it "shut down the Internet," in the words of First We Feast.

Maybe you already knew that, because Beyonce pulled that stunt first when she put her eponymous album directly on iTunes without telling anyone.

Thus, Drake has probably been all over your newsfeed lately, whether he's a part of your life or not.

But did you know that Drake pays lip service to the one and only Guy Fieri, Mr. Flavortown himself, in the album? Fieri, by the way, did a really great deed when he officiated a massive gay wedding for more than two dozen same-sex couples this weekend in Miami.

Drake's name-dropping of Guy Fieri takes place during the song "6 Man": "Fieri, I'm in the kitchen, I'm a magician."

As First We Feast points out, it's not the only food reference on the album — but it is by far the most important.