Attention: Apple Users Are Finally Getting Burrito And Taco Emojis With The Next Update

Since the dawn of the smartphone era, one texting feature has risen above all others to become the ubiquitous form of expression: the emoji. But until now, when texting about our eating habits, we were limited to cartoonish icons of bowls of rice and curry, pizza, and turkey legs, among a few others.With the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Apple iOs 9.1, we will finally be able to send burrito and taco emojis, thanks to a new keyboard created by the Unicode Consortium.

We'll also be getting a block of cheese, an uncorked bottle of Champagne, a bag of movie theater popcorn, and a crab. We announced the buzz about this news back in June, but now things are more official. The burrito emoji is actually officially called a "wrap emoji," but we'll be using it to make Chipotle lunch plans, thank you very much.

Apple users will be able to download the new operating system starting September 16, nine days before the official arrival of the other new Apple goodies: the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about this news.