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The Makers of Cat Wine Now Sell ‘Fur Loco,’ an Herbal Drink for Cats and Dogs

The supplements have both calming and energizing effects
cat and dog

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The supplements can be diluted in water or consumed as-is by pets.

In 2016, Colorado-based company Apollo Peak debuted its non-alcoholic line of cat wine. The company played off classic alcoholic beverage names with its products, offering a “White Kittendel,” a “Pinot Meow,” and even a “Meowtini.” Apollo Peak even expanded to include a dog-centric line with a “Doggy Mary” and a “Chardognay.” Now, the company has created a product designed for both cats and dogs: Fur Loco.

According to the company website, Fur Loco comes in four different flavors, with either calming or energizing effects: Fur Loco Pink, made with catnip and valerian extract for both cats and dogs, but recommended for cats; Fur Loco Blue, made with valerian and chamomile extract, which can be used for both animals, but recommended for cats; Fur Loco Green, made with all-natural lemongrass extract and hemp seed oil for relaxing dogs; and Fur Loco Purple, made with all natural peppermint extract for curing bad doggy breath and promoting relaxation.

Similar to other Apollo Peak offerings, the Fur Loco collection is inspired by the popular caffeinated alcoholic beverage brand, Four Loko.


The Fur Loco line can be purchased online, and ranges from $7.95 to $8.95.

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