Four Loko Shots Are Here to Turn Your Parties Up to Eleven

Four Loko is back and with a vengeance: This time they’re offering bottles of 70- proof flavored shots

Remember college? (Probably not, if Four Loko had anything to do with it.)

If you’re feeling nostalgic over the Four Loko-fueled, Thursday night parties of your late ‘00s college years, fear not: the controversial caffeinated alcoholic beverages are back in a new form. Four Loko is entering the liquor business with a new line of 70-proof bottled liquors, specifically for shots.

Four Loko Shots comes in three neon-colored flavors: Screwball, Dragon's Breath, and Green Tornado. This time, they don’t contain any caffeine.

Despite their scary-sounding names, these bottled liquors are actually pretty familiar. Green Tornado is green apple-flavored, Screwball is a lemon drop shot, and Dragon’s Breath is apple cinnamon (and presumably spicy). Could Dragon’s Breath give Fireball — which previously held the record for sickeningly sweet cinnamon-flavored shots — a run for its money?

"Four Loko's unabashed reputation always made the expansion into spirits attractive to us," said Phusion Projects' vice president of sales for wine and spirits, Gerry Macchia. "A Four Loko hard liquor had to be created in a manner authentic to the brand. One example is the use of experience-based names to describe what it feels like to take the shot, as opposed to simply the flavor."


Each bottle contains about 16 shots of liquor and will be sold nationwide.