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The ‘Original’ Cat Wine Company Faces Competition in the Market

“I don’t mind competition,” Apollo Peak’s Brandon Zavala said, “but they have cloned our products”
cat wine

Both companies make non-alcoholic pet wines using cat nip.

Last summer, Colorado-based company Apollo Peak launched a line of organic, natural, and non-alcoholic wines for cats and dogs, marketing itself as “the original cat winery.” Now it has some competition, as Pet Winery has recently stepped onto the scene with its own cat and dog bar offerings — and Apollo Peak isn’t happy.

According to The New York Times, Apollo Peak has accused Pet Winery of being a “copycat,” in part because the companies share a penchant for creative product names such as “The Catbernet 8 Meownce Bottle” (Apollo Peak) and “Meow & Chandon” (Pet Winery).

“Apollo Peak doesn’t get to own the market,” Taryn Nahm, co-founder Pet Winery, said.

According to Nahm, the company has its own philosophy and unique recipes, such as a variation of cat wine made from salmon oil and catnip.

Brandon Zavala, chief executive of Apollo Peak, used to sell pet food products, but thought of the idea for cat wine “out of nowhere,” according to The New York Times.

“A pet is more like a friend, a roommate or a family member,” Zaval said. “Why are we just feeding them water?”

The idea of treating pets more like people is growing. Last year, a survey conducted by found that 62 percent of cat owners and 64 percent of dog owners considered their pets to be part of the family.


At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that every pet parent should be able to wind down and enjoy a glass of wine with his or her four-legged friend, regardless of what label your cat or dog prefers.