Colorado Company Creates Wine for Your Cat

Because what could be better than kicking back with your favorite feline friend?

This non-alcoholic wine is made with organic catnip and beets. 

Forget dog beer; Colorado company Apollo Peak has created an all-natural cat wine that your furry feline friend can safely enjoy.

The non-alcoholic wine, available in two flavors, Pinot Meow and Moscato, features “a proprietary blend that includes all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets, and natural preservatives to help hold the taste and color.”

The company says the effects of the drink on a cat will vary, and depend on how much is consumed. The website details, “When cats smell catnip, they tend to get funny, move around and play a lot. The exact opposite occurs when they ingest catnip. They normally will become more ‘mellowed’ out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights.”

It is safe for dogs (and humans!) to consume, though a dog-specific product is in the works.


The wine can be purchased online or at select stores in Colorado and Arizona. A 1.6 “Meownce” Single Tasting costs $4.95 and an 8-Meownce Bottle costs $11.95.