Your Cat Likes You More Than Food, According to Study

In comparison to dogs, cats have been stereotyped to be less social with humans, but this study says otherwise

Cats are also perceived as more difficult to train compared to dogs.

If you’ve ever thought that your cat would choose treats over your companionship any day, you’re not alone, but a new study suggests otherwise. The Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at Oregon State University conducted a study and found that, contrary to popular belief, cats preferred interaction with humans over food.


In the study, researchers observed the behavior of adult pet and shelter cats. Researchers then presented the cats with four different kinds of stimuli — human social interaction, food, toys, and scents — and recorded the time of interaction with each stimulus.


Results showed that the most preferred stimulus of both cat populations was interaction with humans. The second preferred stimulus was food.


According to the authors of the study, future studies regarding felines can observe how preferred stimuli can be used as “enrichment” and also see how motivated cats are to work for their favorite stimulus.



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