Wine Stolen From Century-Old California Store

Beltramo's Wines and Spirits has been open for 134 years, and was planning to close for good Saturday. But just last week, thieves broke in and pinched $55,000 worth of high-quality wine.

In order to sell its inventory before closing, the family-owned store had taken the pricey bottles out of lockup to put on display. Seeing an opportunity, the burglars smashed in the side door before going after the wine.

Store manager Diana Beltramo Hewitt, the founder's great-granddaughter, is certain that the attack was targeted: "They targeted a very expensive first growth Bordeaux and some really collectible California Cabernets. It was a sophisticated hit, they knew what they were taking. These items have resale value on the open market — I don't know where they'll end up, but it's unfortunate."

The French Bordeaux taken in the heist sells for roughly $5,000 per bottle, and other labels stolen had price tags around $1,000. The police are still investigating the incident, but do not have any leads.

This incident will certainly put a sour note on the bittersweet closing of the Beltramo's family store. Despite the recent burglary, the family will continue with its plans to close Saturday.