Whole Foods Thinks Canned Wine Will Be Huge This Year

The New Year has been flooded with trend predictions for 2016. The Daily Meal has been no exception; you can check out our list of popular food and drink forecasts for the coming year right here. The product experts at Whole Foods think they know what consumers (i.e. Whole Foods customers) will go wild for in 2016. One of the biggest trend predictions is canned wine.

Before you roll your eyes at this strange method of wine storage, remember that even craft breweries are starting to serve their popular brews in a can. Here's what the Whole Foods staff has to say about this new-ish product:

"Options that provide accessibility and convenience without trading quality will continue to gain traction," Whole Foods experts agree. "Cue the aluminum can — a portable, easy-to-chill option that's well suited for single servings and active, outdoor lifestyles. And with choices like Infinite Monkey Theorem and Presto Sparkling wine, today's pop-tops are the new popped-cork."

A couple of years ago, we predicted that this trend would blow up soon with the introduction of Friends Wine in a Can and Wine Star canned wine to Spirit Airlines. You can now buy Friends Wine in a Can in 19 states, mostly in Eastern United States.

In case you're curious, Whole Foods also predicts an upsurge in popularity of lesser-known seafood to combat seafood unsustainability, fermented foods, alternative flours, and non-GMO certified products.