This Unicorn Hot Chocolate Is A Rainbow Pastel Delight

We have rainbow grilled cheese and a unicorn-themed café, so why don't we continue the dainty fantasy trends as the temperature drops? That's what we have with the perfectly picturesque unicorn hot chocolate, served at the Crème & Sugar Café in Anaheim, California, introduced just in time for the holiday season. This magical sweet drink is made with white hot chocolate that is dyed pink and topped with rainbow marshmallows and sprinkles.

Sound too sweet to be true? The colorful concoction apparently tastes very similar to regular hot chocolate, with just a hint of vanilla, owner Joanna Czikalla told Cosmopolitan Magazine.

But rainbow unicorn-themed cups of hot cocoa aren't the only magical confection that the Crème & Sugar Café offers both fairy and human customers. The menu also has unicorn bark topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows, pastel cakes with colorful striated layers, rainbow milkshakes, tie-dye baked goods, and pink elephant-shaped cookies. It's enough to make even Lisa Frank's head spin.