UCLA Extension Offers Its First Beer-Focused Course In Almost Two Decades

UCLA Extension's new craft beer class just might make you want to go back to school. Its inaugural 'A Class of Beer: An Overview of the Craft Brewing Renaissance' class is in session, and already has a wait list of 50 people. The class is the continuing education institution's first beer-focused course in nearly two decades, details UCLA.

A Class of Beer covers history, brewing techniques, and business strategies, serving as an introduction to the craft beer movement for homebrewers, food-and-beverage professionals, and beer enthusiasts alike.

Course instructor Tomm Carroll says, "There are homebrewers, people interested in starting breweries or beer bars, even people who are in wine distribution, who say, 'I get wine, I don't get beer.' And there are others who have said, 'My friends and I go out, and when I look at all the different beers, I feel so lost; I just want to know something about it.'"

Ing Phansavath, a program director at Extension, says that there are plans to expand the craft brewing class to a fuller program next year. She says, "Not only are students learning about beer styles and tasting beer, they are also gaining business knowledge that includes learning about marketing, distribution, inventory, legal regulations, and much more."

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