Trader Joe's Now Sells $1 Canned Wine

You know what they say about wine — the cheaper the better! They don't actually say that, but since a $6 Walmart wine was recently named one of the best in the world, we know that expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.

Trader Joe's just announced that they will be selling a new canned wine called Simpler Wines that only costs $4 for a four-pack. (Yes, that means one can of wine costs just $1.)

Simpler Wines come in eye-popping, colorful cans in two varieties: white and rosé. Trader Joe's claims that the white wine is "slightly sweet and offers hints of honeydew" while the rosé is "mineral with a light, red fruit flavor."

Canned wine seems to be having a moment as the successor to the boxed wine trends of the '90s and '00s. Just last year, Whole Foods began stocking their shelves with canned wine in anticipation of a huge trend.

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