Police Blame Rats For Missing Confiscated Alcohol In India

Since the banning of alcohol in Bihar, India, in 2016, police have reportedly seized more than 900,000 liters of the substance, according to the BBC. However, the supply has mysteriously diminished since then, and police are saying that rats are to blame.

During a meeting, Manu Maharaj, senior superintendent of police in Patna, said his team told him that a majority of the alcohol was either consumed or destroyed by rats, The Hindu reported. When he questioned how a rat could open a glass bottle of liquor, his subordinates told him the creatures "nibbled off the cap."

For good measure, Maharaj told The Hindu that the officers will have to go through random breathalyzer tests at police stations.

"If they fail the test they could even lose their jobs, apart from being prosecuted under the new stringent excise and prohibition laws," he said.

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