Now That We Have Alcoholic Seltzer, Happy Hour Will Never Be The Same

If it seems that the age of hard root beer is waning, and alcoholic craft soda is starting to get old, you may want to try something new and fizzy with a bit of a kick: Alcoholic seltzer.

SpikedSeltzer is just made with carbonated water, fruit juices, and alcohol from cold-brewed sugar.

Announced just in time for the warm weather to start kicking in, we can imagine ourselves sitting poolside with a cold glass of boozy seltzer on its own, or mixing cocktails with it as a primary ingredient. SpikedSeltzer comes in a variety of flavors including cranberry, orange, lime, and grapefruit.

Each SpikedSelzter bottle comes with an inspirational quote, idiom, or saying underneath the cap: It's like a boozy Chinese fortune or a Snapple bottle that doesn't try to stretch the truth with "facts."

If you're interested in getting a little wild on soda-water, then you'll probably want to grab a case for your next party: You can check out stores near you that sell SpikedSeltzer.