This Has Officially Gone Too Far: We Now Have Pumpkin Spice Water

Guys, this is extremely unacceptable. We thought it was out of hand when Peeps and Twinkies brought out pumpkin spice flavors. Heck, we even rounded up a list of all the most ridiculous pumpkin spice products in existence. But pumpkin spice-flavored sparkling water? Just, no.

Someone spotted the limited-edition pumpkin spice and caramel apple sparkling waters at Wal-Mart. These absurd beverages are apparently made with natural flavors, but nothing sounds natural about pumpkin-flavored water. It probably doesn't even contain real pumpkin.

They also contain no sugars, caffeine, calories, or sodium, which I suppose is a nice touch, but would water with the essence of nutmeg and pumpkin really quench your thirst?

New data supposedly suggests that salted caramel is the next pumpkin spice. But salted caramel sparkling water sounds equally as terrible as caramel apple water.

We're convinced that this pumpkin spice nonsense has gone too far, and it needs to stop now.