Drunk Man Impersonates State Trooper, Sets Up His Own DUI Checkpoint

An intoxicated teenager who had the bright idea to set up a fake drunk-driving checkpoint on the highway and pretend that he was a Pennsylvania state trooper has been arrested, police have confirmed.

19-year-old Logan Shaulis "parked his vehicle diagonally across Route 601" around 4 a.m. on Saturday, May 30, and set up his own road flares.

Shaulis stopped at least one driver at the checkpoint and instructed the man to hand over his driver's license, registration, and insurance papers.

When police subsequently arrived on the scene, the teenage genius reportedly tried to pass a BB gun to the car's passenger and then said, "I can't get caught with this."

Shaulis faces charges including drunk driving, impersonating a public servant, and unlawful restraint.

The Associated Press does not mention underage drinking among his charges, but we bet that topic will come up during Shaulis' preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for June 9.