Congratulations, Chicago: Taco Bell Confirms First Alcohol Sales At Wicker Park Location

Taco Bell has confirmed the upcoming Wicker Park, Chicago location on Milwaukee Ave. will be the first of the company's locations to serve alcohol — beer, wine, and "twisted freezes" featuring rum, tequila, or vodka.

The location has yet to open, but will serve adult beverages to dine-in customers only, so no drive-through for you.

Alcoholic drinks will also be served in a different cup than soda fountain options, so that they will be clearly visible to the staff.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this very special Taco Bell restaurant will also get an interior that's quite different from any other Taco Bell you've seen in the United States. Similar to the upscale locations launched in Japan, Korea, and the United Kingdom, Taco Bell Wicker Park will get special accents like exposed brick, colorful murals, and communal tables.

If Taco Bell's drink innovation abilities are anything like their exciting menu updates, the future looks pretty bright. But unless you're a 21-or-older resident or visitor of Chicago,  you'll have to stick to Baja Blast for now.