A 'Breaking Bad'-Inspired Coffee Shop Is Coming To Brooklyn

Though the show is officially over, Breaking Bad fans can experience a taste of nostalgia by visiting Walter's Coffee Roastery, set to open by the end of summer in Brooklyn. 28-year-old Munich native, Deniz Kosan, opened his first Breaking Bad-inspired coffee outpost in Istanbul about a year ago, according to Grub Street.

Walter's is, at its core, a coffee shop, a fact which Kosan makes clear. He says, "It's Breaking Bad–inspired, not Breaking Bad–themed. I can't make it clear enough that this isn't a theme park, but a unique coffee shop with just hints of the TV show." The coffee shop is set to open its doors by the end of summer, at a spot on Williamsburg's Wythe Avenue by North 8th Street, pending final stages of paperwork.

On his vision for Walter's Brooklyn, Kosan says, "Good comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and power outlets: A coffee shop with all three is really rare to find, like it's a unicorn. But no one in 2016 is working in offices anymore. We want people to feel comfortable sitting and working as long as they want." Kosan has plans to expand Walter's to multiple New York locations, and onward to the rest of the country. A Dubai outpost is scheduled to open even before the Brooklyn location.