American Women Can't Get Enough Of Cannabis Tea, According To Research

There's been a rise of popularity in the cannabis edibles industry, with gummies and mints being the best-selling products in 2016. Now, cannabis-infused tea is making its way to the top, particularly among women in the United States.

According to BDS Analytics, a Colorado-based data analysis firm, cannabis tea sales have grown from a two percent share of cannabis beverage sales in 2016 to eight percent in 2017, Beverage Daily reported.

Linda Gilbert, director of consumer research at BDS Analytics, said that women were the driving force behind the increased sales.

"We see a lot of use of cannabis, particularly edibles, for relief of women's health care issues," Gilbert told Beverage Daily. "And a tea would probably be a very believable delivery system and doesn't have the same amount of calories as a [cannabis-infused] brownie or cookie."

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