1 Glass Of Wine Daily Could Pose Significant Cancer Risks To Women, New Study Says

We all know that heavy drinking habits, from binge drinking to full-blown alcoholism, have negative effects on our livers and brain functions, but a glass of wine every once in a while couldn't hurt, right? Not so fast.According to a recent study from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston published in the British Medical Journal, even light drinking (that would be one drink a day for women, and one drink a day for men) could pose a significant cancer risk, especially breast cancer.

The study found a link between cancer and men who smoke and drink, but not for men who just drink moderately and do not smoke. That was not the case for women, however. The results showed that the risk of developing breast cancer increased greatly in women who drink even just one glass of wine per day.

"We know that the public are still largely unaware of the links between alcohol and cancer, particularly the increased risk of developing breast cancer," said Sir Ian Gilmore, chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance U.K., in response to the study results. "We all have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies and at the minute consumers are being denied this right. It's time that this changed; we need mandatory health warnings on alcohol labels so that people know the facts and can make an informed choice."