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15 Things New Englanders Eat on Christmas

A classic Christmas feast

There’s something idyllic about a classic Christmas. Not just a snowy, white Christmas, though the weather certainly plays a part. But a classic Christmas is the time where families are together, gathered around a table, and eating a traditional feast unlike those you typically see today… except if you’re spending the holidays in New England.

For the 15 Things New Englanders Eat on Christmas Recipe Roundup, click here.

New England Christmas recipes are rooted deep in traditions brought over by our country’s earliest European settlers. You’re not likely to find a great number of geese on holiday tables across the country, but you’ll certainly see it in the Northeast. New England is also likely to see a white Christmas, so comforting, hearty soups (such as a sweet corn and clam chowder) and soul-warming cocktails (like hot buttered rum) are a holiday must-have.

If you want to play host to your own New England-inspired Christmas this year, don’t forget the cheese straws, creamed onions, and cranberry pie. And while you’re planning your menu, click here for 15 things New Englanders eat on Christmas.

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