Thanksgiving don'ts

Things You Should Never Do at the Thanksgiving Table

Some basic table etiquette for you this holiday season

In our increasingly casual society, it’s easy to forego table manners. Who cares where your napkin sits when you’re eating macaroni and cheese on the couch while watching Chopped? But if there’s one meal at which your table etiquette actually matters, it’s Thanksgiving dinner. While not a formal meal per se, the effort of roasting a turkey, chopping up countless onions and celery for stuffing, and baking the perfect pumpkin pie demands a little respect… or at least eating at the table.

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So maybe you’re a little out of practice when it comes to basic table manners and etiquette. You’re not sure what the rules are regarding passing food (move the dishes to the right) or how to dress (nicely). But worry not, ye of little table etiquette. We have you covered with these 15 things you should never do at the Thanksgiving table and how to conduct yourself at an oftentimes stressful family gathering.

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