24 Signs You're A Little Too Obsessed With Christmas

Does your kitchen turn from a practical place to make weeknight dinners into a baking factory every December? Is your closet overflowing with festive accessories and ugly Christmas sweaters? Do you infuse every dessert and drink with peppermint? If some of these things sound like you, you may be just a little obsessed with Christmas. But for you, it's not so much a problem as a way of life.

You dream of a white Christmas

It just isn't Christmas to you if there isn't a little frost in the air and piles of snow on the ground. You don't just dream of a winter wonderland on Dec. 25, you make sure you have one by traveling to a city that guarantees you a white Christmas.

Your decorations go up on Nov. 1

Whatever decorations you don't leave up 365 days a year get dragged out of the attic and placed all over your home the moment Halloween is over, if not a bit before that. You want to enjoy the merriment for as long as possible.

You put decorations everywhere

Your home looks like Santa's workshop exploded. You know that having just one Christmas tree is almost as sad as having no tree at all. You have a mini tree in every bedroom, a big tree in the living room, a towering evergreen in the front hall and even a countertop pine tree in your kitchen. And that's only the beginning of the story. Your halls are fully decked with tinsel, stockings, snowy signage, plush snowmen and tiny porcelain winter villages.

Your decorations stay up until Valentine’s Day

Christmas decorations can be considered winter decorations, right? Those snowy Christmas villages, wreaths and twinkling lights add a coziness to your home you revel in throughout those blustery months.

You make your Christmas list in July

Some people may scramble at the last minute to figure out what they want for Christmas, but you mailed your letter to Santa Claus months ago.

Baking is your favorite sport

Some people like to watch football or hockey during the winter. You spend your cold-weather days snuggled up with a hot cup of cocoa and watching "The Great British Baking Show" and countless Food Network holiday cake competitions. And you're not just a baking observer — you're the king or queen of Christmas cookies. You know all of the best cookie recipes and regularly bake cut-outs, snickerdoodles, gingerbread and peanut butter blossoms for your family, friends and co-workers.

You wear festive apparel everywhere

Santa hats, reindeer antlers, ties with snowflakes on them, Christmas light earrings, fuzzy socks that are lined with red and green designs — you have all of these things and more, and you wear them all throughout the final quarter of the year. Business casual means a full-on elf outfit, right?

You rock Christmas music 24/7

Some Scrooges get sick of Christmas music after about two hours, but you never tire of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," whether it's Brenda Lee's classic version or one of the several renditions by Miley Cyrus. You don't just listen to holiday tunes during December, either. You listen to Christmas music all year long.

Peppermint is a major food group

Forget all those crazy candy cane flavors; you know it's all about classic peppermint when the holiday season rolls around. You start your day with a peppermint coffee and continue to infuse peppermint into every meal throughout the season, whether you're mixing up peppermint margaritas or homemade peppermint bark. You might even experiment with peppermint bacon for dinner.

You always know when the seasonal Starbucks drinks are out

If Christmas is your favorite day of the year, the day when Starbucks rolls out its iconic red cups and holiday beverages is a close second. You don't care if it's a little #basic, you live for the Chestnut Praline Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Frappuccino.

You’re the keeper of the family recipes

Your food may never be quite as good as Grandma's was, but you still have all of her recipes in your recipe Rolodex. Every holiday season, you bake traditional cookies, whip up Grandma's classic lasagna recipe and serve it all with a big glass of mulled wine.

Winter is your favorite season

Some people love fall, others thrive in the summer or live for when spring has sprung. However, you know the real best season is winter. You love building snowmen, ice skating, wrapping yourself up in a scarf, snuggling up by the fire with a cup of cocoa and taking in the wonder of fresh, powdery snow.

You’re willing to travel to celebrate

While others take their vacations during the summer, you travel during the holiday season and seek out places that match your own level of merriment. You head to the best theme park holiday celebrations and aren't afraid to hit up the most festive towns in America. If you take time off during another time of year, you hit up one of the cities where it's Christmas 365 days a year.

Holiday movies are your favorite

You don't discriminate when it comes to yuletide entertainment. You enjoy classics like "It's a Wonderful Life," but also love it when Kermit and friends sing in "A Muppet Christmas Carol." You'll watch every cheesy Hallmark movie, see whatever holiday movie comes out in theaters despite reviews and have several viewings of "Elf," "Christmas Vacation" and "Home Alone" every season.

Your DVR is full of holiday specials

You consume Christmas content around the clock. When you're not rewatching "A Christmas Story," you're tuning into holiday episodes of your favorite TV shows and those Rankin/Bass classics like "Frosty the Snowman," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "The Year Without a Santa Claus."

You’re a savvy shopper

You know how to avoid the crowds, when the best sales are and what you should (and should not) buy online. You're well in tune with all of the secrets shopping malls don't want you to know and won't be fooled by flashy sale signs or free samples.

Ugly sweaters are beautiful to you

Some people may wear the "ugly" Christmas sweater for laughs, but you know these bulky tops are truly beautiful. Your dresser has a drawer designated solely for holiday sweaters, and you have ones for every occasion and mood. Sweaters that light up? Scented sweaters? Sweaters with bells and poof balls? You have them all and wear them with only the slightest sense of irony.

Santa Claus and you are old friends

You may be in your 30s and childless, but you're not afraid to stand in line at the mall to meet Santa every year along with all of the toddlers and their tired mothers. How else will he know what you want for Christmas?

You’ll watch a fire on TV

There are a lot of interesting holiday traditions, one of which is watching a yule log burn on TV while holiday music plays in the background. Whether or not you actually have a fireplace, you always tune in to this particular program for a little holiday ambiance.

You’re a crafting pro

Some people buy tree ornaments at the store, but you know the real key to a personalized tree is to make your own decor. You've strung together strands of garland, crafted an origami pine tree forest and even weaved together your own wreath. A glue gun is your Christmas secret weapon, and you're not afraid to wield it.

You’re an expert gift-giver

You're the smartest holiday shopper out there. While you have your Christmas list ready for friends and family the second they ask, you don't need any requests from your loved ones. You always come up with the perfect, personalized gift.

You know where all the best lights are

You won't just settle for seeing a few twinkling lights and inflatable snowmen in your own neighborhood. You know where the most amazing Christmas light displays in America are and are willing to pack up the SUV and make a special trip just to take in the spectacle.

You keep some holiday decor up year-round

Even though the bulk of your decorations eventually have to come down, you keep a few small reminders of the holiday season up throughout the year. Whether it's a Santa figurine on your shelf, a framed photo of the family in front of a Christmas tree on the wall or a tiny Christmas tree on your desk, you always like to be reminded of the most wonderful time of the year.

You’re the ultimate holiday party guest

Your obsession with Christmas means that you're the star of any holiday fête. You always show up with a gift for the host or hostess, are willing to help out in the kitchen if needed and rule the white elephant gift exchange. You know how to be the best holiday party guest ever.

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