10 Things Southerners Always Have on Their Thanksgiving Table

Food is a little different down in the South. Cooks aren’t afraid of a cream, sugar, and salt. Vegetables aren’t complete unless they’ve been deep-fried or stewed with pork. And spicy only begins to cover how intense flavors can get. And because Southern cuisine is so distinctive, a Thanksgiving dinner looks quite different.

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Of course there’s a turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Frankly, no Thanksgiving would be complete without those staples. But the Southern Thanksgiving table has its own traditions. You can’t walk into a Texas Thanksgiving without finding a pecan pie on the dessert table, and the only greens you’ll see below the Mason-Dixon line will be cooked low and slow with tons of ham hocks or bacon.

Whether you want to shake up your own Thanksgiving table or if you want to relive a Southern holiday you attended years ago, click here to find recipes for 10 things Southerners always have on their Thanksgiving table.

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