10 Red, White, and Blue Party Foods (That Aren’t Just Dessert)

Think beyond flag cake (but still make flag cake!)

This colorful pasta salad is summer in a bowl.

Red, white, and blue aren’t just the colors of our great nation, they also really can jazz up a plate. And when it comes time for a patriotic holiday, such as Inauguration Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, you’ll want to prepare on-theme dishes using our flag’s colors. The only problem is, most popular red, white, and blue dishes fall into the dessert category. And while we love a fruit parfait or American flag cookie as much as the next person, sometimes you want to bring something else.

10 Red, White, and Blue Party Foods (That Aren’t Just Dessert)

Some of our favorite summertime produce, from strawberries to tomatoes, are bright, beautiful shades of red, while fresh and delicious white foods, such as cauliflower and mozzarella can help to bring much-needed texture to many dishes.And while there really aren’t many naturally blue foods, blueberries, blue cheese, and certain herbs fit the bill — and the beautiful black char of grilled foods can give the illusion of being blue.

So, put on your best stars and stripes, fire up the oven and grill, and get ready for any patriotic feast with these 10 red, white, and blue dishes.