You Never Need To Take Probiotics If You Eat These 15 Foods

Gut health is getting a lot of buzz these days — it's an often-misconstrued trend that often involves dropping way too much money on probiotic supplements and products that often don't even work.

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It's been getting trendier and trendier to "heal your gut" — a phenomenon that has resulted in the brewing of probiotic beer, probiotic-infused desserts, and more. All of the buzz around good gut bacteria has blown gut health way out of proportion. While gut health can help balance your mood, stress levels, hormones, and other somewhat invisible aspects of your health, it's often misunderstood as being an agent for weight loss or dieting. Gut health, when you get down to it, is really just assistance for your digestive system.

Probiotics are the gut bacteria that aid in healthy digestion. Without probiotics, you would likely experience a great deal more bloating, gas, and discomfort — and derive less nutrition from your food. And while bloating is a perfectly healthy byproduct of digestion, it can sometimes be a sign that your stomach is struggling to digest the food you've eaten.

Probiotics are pretty expensive, and they're also pretty unnecessary. There are lots of natural, healthy foods that contain the good gut bacteria you need without requiring a costly daily supplement. Here are 15 that provide significant gut health benefits to consider adding to your diet.