Taylor Swift

How to Eat and Drink Like Taylor Swift

She has a ‘Reputation’ for being a total foodie

Taylor Swift is obsessed with a few choice things: Her cats, her girl squad, procuring the perfect Instagram, revenge against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and food. Somehow, between writing and recording a new album every three years, touring the world, and filming some highly cinematic music videos, Swift has found the time to learn how to be quite the home cook and baker, and she’s been quite proud to show off her homemade cakes and dinner parties on Instagram.

Click here to learn how to eat and drink like Taylor Swift.

But it’s not always chicken and dumplings and cookies for the “…Ready for It?” singer. She doesn’t keep such a slim figure by always indulging in comfort foods, though those are the meals she enjoys the most. On the average day, Swift keeps a healthy diet replete with hummus, yogurt, salad, and plenty of coffee to fuel those late-night songwriting sessions.

With the release of her new album Reputation right around the corner, we decided to revisit old interviews to see just how Taylor Swift eats and drinks. Click here to find out just how you can dine like a pop superstar.

Carolyn Menyes and Courtney Nachlas contributed to this report.