# Kanye West

The Snapchat sensation spoke of the incident on an episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live’
‘If you don’t know by now, I’m talkin’ bout Chi-town’
Orange Crocs became part of the chef’s signature look over the years
Kanye West ate reindeer meat on a trip to Iceland with Kim recently and talked about his experience at the Met Gala
In a statement, FYI thanked Kardashian for bringing her unique voice, and ‘significant numbers’ to the network
Pizza Hut UK was not having any of Kanye’s crazed Twitter rant about ‘not having enough money’ so they offered him a job
Hundreds wait outside Franklin Barbecue six days a week, for three hours or longer
The latest Kardashian show with unnecessarily butchered spelling launches December 9
It’s Kanye West’s birthday week, and you should celebrate in his ‘Beautiful but Darkly Lit Ice Cream Parlor’
Do you think it really trumps her appreciation for Kanye, or selfies?