How To Eat And Drink Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is obsessed with a few choice things: Her cats, her girl squad, procuring the perfect Instagram, revenge against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and food. Somehow, between writing and recording a new album every three years, touring the world, and filming some highly cinematic music videos, Swift has found the time to learn how to be quite the home cook and baker, and she's been quite proud to show off her homemade cakes and dinner parties on Instagram.

But it's not always chicken and dumplings and cookies for the "...Ready for It?" singer. She doesn't keep such a slim figure by always indulging in comfort foods, though those are the meals she enjoys the most. On the average day, Swift keeps a healthy diet replete with hummus, yogurt, salad, and plenty of coffee to fuel those late-night songwriting sessions.

Chicken and Dumplings

When in Nashville, chicken and dumplings is Swift's go-to dinner party dish. She's a girl who can appreciate Southern cuisine.

Chicken Tenders

If calories didn't count and Taylor could eat whatever she wanted to every day, she would indulge in chicken tenders.


According to Taylor, it's her all-time favorite beverage. Her home boasts three coffee makers: an espresso machine, a regular coffee pot, and a Keurig.

Cookie Dough

Despite her slim figure, Taylor claims that she always has a "binge food" in her fridge, such as cinnamon rolls or cookie dough.


Hummus the one thing Taylor said she always needs to have in her fridge. It is a healthy snack!

Homemade Baked Goods

Taylor Swift is a notorious home baker. She'll whip up Ina Garten's signature flag cake for her Fourth of July parties and will gift her friends oatmeal cookies on random occasions and gluten-free chocolate cakes on their birthdays.

Honey Mustard-Glazed Fish

Maybe this one is eerily specific, but Taylor has admitted to loving honey mustard-seasoned seafood in multiple interviews.

Orange Juice

Taylor Swift drinks orange juice every morning and considers it a staple in her fridge.

Pancakes and Eggs

Taylor's go-to breakfast is healthy and delicious. She starts her day with a little effort and whips up buckwheat pancakes topped with ham, Parmesan, and a fried egg.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Who doesn't keep freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese handy? Whip up some pasta with a lemon-Parmesan sauce sprinkled with pine nuts just like T-Swift makes at her dinner parties.


You don't think she stays so thin by eating cheese on everything, do you? Healthy lunches like these salads are Swift's go-to meals during the week to allow for bigger indulgences on the weekends.


Her go-to drink is a skinny vanilla latte, though she is known to indulge in a pumpkin spice latte from time to time.

Thinly Sliced Ham and Chicken

In case she has guests, Taylor always keeps these deli meats in her fridge for a quick sandwich.

Vodka and Diet Coke

OK, maybe Taylor's status as a Diet Coke spokeswoman means she has to say this is her favorite cocktail, but we believe this basic, low-calorie drink is her go-to.


She's apparently a big fan of Siggi's yogurt and eats it regularly on the weekdays to keep her figure trim.


If there's one thing about Taylor Swift, it's that she's incredibly well hydrated. She claims she drinks about 10 bottles of water a day. Maybe she should consider these 10 drinks that are more hydrating than water.