Healthy Dips: 10 Ways to Sub in Yogurt for Sour Cream Without Anyone Knowing

We love these creamy, healthy sour cream dip alternatives
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Creamy dips make the best appetizers.

Creamy, sour-cream-based dips are always a favorite party snack. Whether you’re at a tailgate, dinner party, or holiday gathering, these unfortunately unhealthy dips always make their way around the table. They're so hard to resist, and once you immerse the first crispy chip in that spinach dip, you know you won’t be able to stop.

The dips we're offering here replace sour cream with yogurt as the main ingredient for rich and delicious party dips, so you can eat them all night. Healthy appetizers are a rare find, but these dips are perfect for helping everyone keep off the holiday weight.

Swapping yogurt for sour cream is a relatively easy switch. In dips, you can use roughly the same amount of yogurt that you would sour cream. Typically, yogurt is tangier than sour cream, so you may have to adjust your recipe to work with this new element in your dip. Whole-milk Greek yogurt is most similar to sour cream’s texture and flavor according to The Kitchn.


No more mayonnaise- and sour cream-filled dips will be served at your party. Keep everyone energized and healthy with yogurts that are lower in fat than sour cream.  Most of ours are refreshingly light and will balance out the heavy game-day meal you’re eating. Often times, tailgating involves spicy chicken wings, heavy burgers, or deep-fried chicken, which can make you feel lethargic and bloated. Eat these yogurt dips to fuel up, so you can cheer on your team all day long.