35 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Unless you're a freegan or an entirely self-sustaining farmer, you have to go to the grocery store. Paying money for food and common household staples is just a way of life. But it's easy to waste money at the supermarket, and not in the obvious ways like picking up items on the aisle caps or walking in hungry. You can throw away your hard-earned dollars just by paying retail price for basic groceries and home goods. There are some items you should just never pay full price for.

35 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For Gallery

If you shop seasonally and know how to optimize coupons and sales, you can seriously reduce the price of your grocery bill. Kitchen staples like milk, eggs, and butter rarely — if ever — go on sale. But shelf-stable products, freezer aisle favorites, and common household items are almost always available at a discount.

You need ketchup and mustard in your fridge, toothpaste to brush your teeth, and pasta sauce for a 30-minute meal. But you absolutely should not blow your budget on these staples. Don't believe us? Read through for the 35 grocery store items you should always buy with coupons and/or on sale.