Fun And Fabulous Food Inflatables For Your Pool Party

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No pool party is complete without a couple of inflatables. Of course, you need some summertime cocktails, finger foods, fluffy towels, sunscreen, and friends. But at the end of the day, the cool factor of your party and its Instagrammability totally boils down to how you're hanging out.

And while everyone knows about unicorn inflatables, poolside basketball sets, and the classic inner tube, if you're an avid eater, you can express your love of some of your favorite junk foods through fun pool inflatables.

The best part about these flotation devices is not just that they're quirky and cool, but that they're all actually perfectly acceptable to lounge on. Sure, you may have a bit of a struggle balancing on a slice of pizza, but it's large enough that, you know, you can. These are more than just toys; they're practical for floating around in the pool while you sip on some frozen cocktails.

Doughnut, $19.99
No party is complete without a doughnut this summer. But don't just limit this beautiful breakfast item to your dessert tray. Inflatable doughnuts are just as picture-worthy. The best part: You can get it in chocolate or strawberry.

Giant Pretzel, $11.59
When making pretzels, knowing the exact amount of time to let them sit in a baking soda and water solution is a very tricky matter. But, you can let this truly giant pretzel sit in the water all day long.

Ice Pops, $19.99
With three colors of the rainbow, this frozen treat-inspired inflatable is the definition of bright, warm-weather fun. The only thing more refreshing than a dip in the pool on a hot day is an ice pop. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Pineapple, $26.99
There are few fruits more satisfying in the summer than the syrupy, sweet pineapple. Don't just throw it on the grill this summer; throw this pineapple floating device in your pool, too!

Pizza Slice, $28.79
Everyone loves a great slice of pizza. Turn your pool party in to a pizza party with this festive float, which comes complete with four toppings.

Popcorn, $19.99
Movie theater popcorn gets a new life as a pool inflatable. This classic red-and-white-striped tub is over five feet long. Now if only it were filled with the real thing!

Watermelon, $19.99
No fruit belongs in the water more than watermelon, right? I mean... it's right there in the name. This fun and fruity flotation device is the true definition of summer.