The World's Craziest Pizza Toppings

These days it seems that anything can be put on a pizza. Corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, all meats, full stand-alone meals — nearly anything you can think of seems to be an acceptable pizza topping now. People in Florida top their pizzas with alligator meat; those in Missouri might go for the slice with cicadas (if the season allows); and then there are the people in UK who've decided to stop at no limits and go for putting a full English breakfast as their topping. Why not, right?


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Some crazy toppings probably sound better than others, like corned beef or beans, but it's the unlikely combinations people choose to pair with a cheesy slice of pizza that are the most intriguing thing about some of the popular options on this list. Cashews and cream cheese? Banana curry? Coconuts? Decide for yourself which — if any — unusual toppings you'd try if presented with these options.


Additional reporting from Dan Myers.