30 Genius Recipes That Will Let You Make Dinner on the Grill Every Day This Month

Abandon your oven and cook every evening meal on the grill for the rest of summer
Grilled Fish


Grilled fish is a fantastic, easy weeknight dinner.

The temperatures are soaring, the air conditioning is blasting, and we want to spend every free minute of our day outdoors, basking in the sunshine, or cooling off in the shade.

This means that we definitely do not want to be trapped inside every evening, standing over the hot stove, preparing dinner. To save you from this sweaty fate, we have gathered together our 30 favorite grilled dinner recipes to get you through the next month. Preparing dinner while simultaneously sunbathing has to be the ultimate summer evening activity.

30 Genius Recipes That Will Let You Make Dinner on the Grill Every Day This Month (Slideshow)

On these hot summer evenings, we don’t crave huge bowls of steaming pasta, rich, cheese-filled casseroles, or hearty, comforting stews. Instead, all we want is a simple grilled meal — thinly sliced steak, fresh swordfish, or smoky charred eggplant — accompanied by simple salads, which show off the best of the season’s fresh, ripe, sweet produce. And if you want to treat yourself to dessert, there’s no reason not to cook that on the grill too: Charred peaches topped with ice cream, or blackened bananas with cream and chocolate sauce are always popular.

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You don’t need to worry about getting bored of grilling, or of eating incredibly unhealthily in this month of outdoor cooking. Your grilling repertoire can expand far beyond the classic hot dog and hamburger. With genius dishes ranging from grilled steak lettuce wraps, to eggplant and quinoa salad, to grilled Thai chicken curry skewers, there’s no way you’ll be fed up of your grill, nor will you ever want to stop cooking outdoors.

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