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20 Sunday Brunch Recipes to Cure Saturday Night’s Hangover

The best brunch recipes to help undo the damage from the night before

After a Saturday night of staying up past your bedtime and having a few too many drinks, Sunday morning brunch is an absolute necessity. Waking up exhausted and bleary-eyed with a pounding headache, dry mouth, and nauseated stomach can only be cured by several glasses of water and a large plate of food. Whether you’re cooking to save yourself after a night of partying, need to make a life-saving brunch for two, or have a crowd of hungry mouths who stayed over after last night’s party, these 20 recipes will help those hangover pains fade away.

20 Sunday Brunch Recipes to Cure Saturday Night’s Hangover (Slideshow)

When you consume too much alcohol, your body will be lacking in many essential fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids the next day because of the diuretic and toxic effects of drinking. Sadly, there’s no single magical food or drink that will resuscitate you and return you to your pre-Saturday night self, however, certain foods and drinks will definitely help more than others. Perhaps the single most effective hangover cure is water, so make sure your Sunday brunch table is covered in jugs and bottles of still water and coconut water to help breathe some life and energy back into you and your guests.

Besides water, foods containing protein, fructose, potassium, and sodium will all help cure that evil hangover. This means that ingredients ranging from fresh fruit and eggs to peanut butter and bananas will all be key to your Sunday brunch. We’ve rounded up our favorite brunch recipes starring these ingredients, even if they are also coated in crispy bacon and fried French toast, because sometimes, even if it may not scientifically cure a hangover, eating something greasy, salty, and sweet, is exactly what your hangover needs.

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