12 Crazy Easy Desserts To Make With The Kids

12 Crazy Easy Desserts to Make With the Kids

There's no denying that kids love desserts. And you'll find that they love them even more when they've made them themselves, or have at least helped you, the baking-expert grown-up, in the creation process. You could start your kids off on the baking journey with a boxed cake mix, made with a few additions, or with a batch of four-ingredient Nutella brownies to demonstrate that making something rich and sweet doesn't need to be complicated. If you're feeling brave, and if your kids are slightly more advanced in the kitchen realm, then introduce them to the magical world of making meringues or the perfect chocolate chip cookie with your tips and tricks and our easier-than-pie recipes.

4-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie With Peanut Butter Krispies Crust

Ice cream pie is a decadent dessert that just so happens to also be wonderfully easy to make. A simple combination of cereal and peanut butter makes the crust, which is then topped with your favorite ice cream flavor and frozen before serving. It couldn't be simpler.

For the 4-Ingredient Ice Cream Pie With Peanut Butter Krispies Crust recipe, click here.

Apple Parfait

Layering various ingredients to make a simple, pretty dessert will please any young kids who want the satisfaction of creating something delicious without actually having to bake anything.

For the Apple Parfait recipe, click here.

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Making frozen yogurt is so much easier than making ice cream. This means that it's a great dessert to make with your kids to introduce them to the wonderful world of making frozen treats.

For the Blueberry Frozen Yogurt recipe, click here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

There is no kid who would ever turn down a chocolate chip cookie milkshake. So imagine how much more they'll love it when they've made it with their own two hands.

For the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake recipe, click here.

Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bark

Melting chocolate, scattering colorful, flavorful ingredients on top, and letting it set again is a fantastically easy way to make a beautiful, sweet treat that kids and grown-ups will all love.

For the Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bark recipe, click here.

Dirt Cake

This kids dessert deserves its place on the list of classics: It's so easy to make (no baking required), looks brilliant, and all the kids love to eat this muddy, worm-covered treat.

For the Dirt Cake recipe, click here.

Eton Mess

This British dessert is so fresh, pretty, and elegant. Introduce your kids to the magical world of making meringues (they will be in awe when they see how those egg whites transform). After baking, smash them up and combine with whipped cream and fresh berries.

For the Eton Mess recipe, click here.

Funfetti Strawberry Poke Cake

A simple boxed strawberry cake, made with extra fresh strawberries and vanilla pudding, is then topped with Funfetti-filled whipped cream for the most colorful, kid-friendly, homemade cake.

For the Funfetti Strawberry Poke Cake recipe, click here.

Nutella Brownies

These Nutella brownies contain only four ingredients and are made in just one bowl: Upgrade your kids from boxed brownie mix with this super easy recipe.

For the Nutella Brownies recipe, click here.

Silky Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse

Teach your kids the science of cooking with eggs (and how to separate the yolk from the white without getting shell in your dessert) in this rich chocolate mousse recipe.

For the Silky Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse recipe, click here.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Ice Pop

Ice pops are a great first dessert for your kids to learn how to make. These fruit -filled ones require absolutely no baking, so even the youngest in your family can work on creating these.

For the Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Ice Pop recipe, click here.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making the perfect chocolate chip cookie doesn't have to require years of practice and patience. Follow this simple recipe, and get the kids to help out by doing all the hard work of stirring everything together; they'll have made the tastiest cookies they've ever tried on their first attempt.