10 Egg Breakfasts You Can Make In The Microwave

Whether it's a busy weekday morning, a lazy weekend start to the day, or you have a group of hungry guests, there's no need to stress about making the perfect breakfast. Cooking batches of eggs for just yourself, your family, or a larger group doesn't have to be stressful, time-consuming, or messy, as long as you have a microwave. You may have been told multiple times that the creamiest, softest, fluffiest, most perfectly cooked eggs take a great amount of patience and expertise, but in reality, a microwave can do an acceptable job of making the tastiest breakfast eggs.

10 Egg Breakfasts You Can Make in the Microwave (Slideshow)

It's not just super simple scrambled eggs that can be made in your microwave. Everything from a basic omelette and spicy chilaquiles to breakfast burritos and poached eggs can be achieved with almost no kitchen tools, only a few minutes of your time, and your ever-trusty microwave. Once you've mastered the basic techniques of microwaving your eggs, we're certain that you'll never skip breakfast, or find making breakfast stressful and challenging, ever again. Some of these recipes are so easy that you could probably even do them with your eyes shut.

If you're a busy parent who has several hungry mouths to feed before everyone rushes off to school, or if you're not a morning person but are trying to cook for a crowd, these recipes are here to make every morning easier, tastier, healthier, and much more appreciated by the lucky recipients of a plate of perfectly poached eggs on toast.