Oreo Adds Apple Pie And Cadbury-Coated Cookies To Flavor Arsenal

Oreo stops at nothing. Over the years, the cookie giant has created umpteen million different crazy flavors — watermelon, root beer float, Pop Rocks — on top of other wild products like Oreo Candy Canes, edible Oreo cookie dough, and Oreo churros. One brewery even flavored their beer with Oreo. Is there anything this cookie can't do?

In April 2017, Instagram user @thejunkfoodaisle announced that Apple Pie Oreos would be released this summer. According to Today.com, the food-fanatic has finally spotted the product on Target's virtual shelves. The Apple Pie Oreo consists of a graham-flavored cookie filled with apple-flavored cream. One package is $2.99.

In addition to the classic fall flavor, PopSugar reports that the cookie king has also blessed the Earth with Cadbury Coated Oreos. It's just as you'd imagine: an original Oreo cookie covered in decadent Cadbury chocolate. This isn't the first time Oreo and Cadbury have come together to make a delicious confectionery baby — they've previously collaborated on candy bars, stuffed cookies, crème eggs, etc.

The two are practically a match made in heaven, though unfortunately, Cadbury Coated Oreos are currently only available in Australia. Here's hoping they arrive stateside. In the meantime, take a look at the top 11 chocolate chip cookies, ranked.