We Tried Those Pop Rocks ‘Fireworks’ Oreos and Here’s What We Thought

The Daily Meal staff got our hands on the limited-edition Fireworks Oreos, and we had some strong opinions

Pop Rocks and Oreos are an unorthodox flavor combination, to say the least.

The new limited-edition Fireworks Oreos may look festive with red, white, and blue sprinkles dotting the cookies’ crème filling. But when The Daily Meal performed a taste test of the new Oreos, we couldn’t find anything different about them. They just tasted like normal Oreos… until we stopped chewing.

Our taste testers found that the “popping” effect of the Fireworks Oreos only worked when you let the cookie crème sit in your mouth. Then — as one reviewer noted — it feels like “a bunch of Rice Krispies exploding in your mouth all at once” — a sensation akin to the ever-popular fizzy candy from the ‘80s, Pop Rocks.

For the most part, we thought the sensation of exploding sparklers on our tongues was unexpected and “really cool.” The only really disappointing part of the Fireworks Oreo is that besides the popping effect, it tastes exactly like a regular Oreo. So it’s a stretch to call it a “new flavor.”


You can get Fireworks Oreos for a limited time starting this week at retail outlets nationwide. We’ll also be on the lookout for the new Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos and Waffle and Syrup Oreos that will be hitting shelves soon.