Oreo-Flavored Beer Is Here

A brewery in Virginia is selling an Oreo-blended chocolate milk stout beer called The Hornswoggler

For when you have grown-up tastes but still want to indulge in childhood whimsy.

There are definitely some eyebrow-raising strange-flavored beers out there. But The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond, Virginia, knows that a way to a beer-lover’s heart is through the cookie pantry. The craft brewery has created an unusual beer called The Hornswoggler, a milk chocolate stout made from “hundreds of pounds of Oreos.”

The beer was first announced via the brewery’s Facebook and Instagram pages in late January in a limited-release batch. The cookie-based concoction was described thus: “If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try.” As it turned out, the beer was so popular, it was “hornsgobbled up” in the first few days.

So many Oreos wwent into the beer that reviews even said it had “chunks of icing” floating around in the glass, which either sounds positively awesome, or absurdly disgusting, depending on your perspective.


The brewery has not mentioned any plans to make more of the delicious stuff, nor is it likely to go national anytime soon.