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It's fall, so that means pumpkin spice is everywhere. The autumnal flavor previously only for young women wearing Uggs and yoga pants has become so widespread that it's hardly considered "basic" anymore. Not only can you can buy pumpkin spice bagels, hummus, cereal, candy, body wash, lotion and candles in stores, but you can purchase a pumpkin spice latte at pretty much any café you wander in to — even the swanky ones not named Starbucks. However, not all PSLs are made the same. If you're looking to escape the cloying sweetness of a Starbucks PSL and enjoy a real tasty pumpkin drink, you need to know where to go.

The Daily Meal has worked with review-based website Yelp to find the best pumpkin spice latte in every state that's not from Starbucks. Yelp identified businesses in the restaurant and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "pumpkin spice latte" or "PSL," then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "pumpkin spice latte" and "PSL."

While some of these cafés offer the drink seasonally, many offer the cinnamon-y pumpkin beverage all year round. The best of the best flavor their beverages with pumpkin puree rather than too-sweet syrup, but some people in some states like their PSLs to taste more like candy (we're looking at you Wisconsin) than spice. So before you kick off fall with your first pumpkin spice latte of the season, know where to go. These are the best pumpkin spice lattes in every state that aren't from Starbucks.

Alabama: Chelsea Coffee House, Chelsea

This cozy Chelsea, Alabama, coffee house has a pumpkin spice latte many of its customers laud as the "best they've ever had." Plus, Chelsea Coffee House serves almond milk so you can enjoy your PSL even if you're dairy free.

Alaska: Midnight Sun Espresso, Anchorage

According to many Alaskans, this is the best coffee spot in town. Midnight Sun Espresso's seasonal drinks are a fan favorite. Not only do people love their PSLs, but their eggnog gets major love on Yelp too.

Arizona: Downtown Chandler Café and Bakery, Chandler

If you ever find yourself in Arizona, the pumpkin spice latte from Downtown Chandler Café and Bakery has a pumpkin spice latte their customers call "amazing!" They are also known for serving huge and delicious breakfasts.

Arkansas: Guillermo's Coffee House & Roastery, Little Rock

Not only does Guillermo's Coffee House & Roastery have pumpkin spice lattes, they also sell pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin chai, if you're looking to expand your pumpkin horizons.

California: Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters, Pasadena

The pumpkin spice latte at Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters is made with pure pumpkin puree and spices, according to various Yelpers. This California café makes their PSL "not too sweet" and as one Yelp reviewer put it, it "kicks every other pumpkin spice latte's butt!!"

Colorado: Cherry Bean, Denver

Aside from having a cheerful name, the customers at Cherry Bean in Denver are smiling because they find this café's PSL extra tasty. "I wouldn't have opted for the pumpkin spice but they make the syrup in house and it was fantastic!" wrote one enthusiastic reviewer.

Connecticut: Ashlawn Farm Coffee, Old Saybrook

While the pumpkin spice latte is a staple at Ashlawn Farm Coffee, there are many other seasonal options including a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, pumpkin pie frappe, and a maple latte.

Delaware: The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe, Rehoboth Beach

The PSL at The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe pairs excellently with the café's sticky buns, egg and cheddar croissant and even their Waldorf chicken salad sandwich, according to one Yelper.

Florida: Sippers Coffeehouse, Jacksonville

Unlike Starbucks' PSL, the pumpkin spice latte at Sippers Coffeehouse in Jacksonville isn't too sweet or too fragrant, it's just right according to its reviewers. If you're looking for more unique flavors, they also offer a butter pecan, hazelnut, vanilla, and more!

Georgia: Revolution Doughnuts, Decatur

Not only does Revolution Doughnuts sell pumpkin spice doughnuts, they have a pretty delicious pumpkin spice latte on their menu. "By itself, the latte is not sweet at all (which tells me they don't use artificial, low quality syrups. Love that!) if that's what you'd prefer. However they have sugar and agave that you can add to suit your taste," one Yelper advised.

Hawaii: Rainbeau Jo's, Lihue

According to one Yelper, the pumpkin spice latte at Rainbeau Jo's puts Starbucks' PSL "to shame." The seasonal beverage is even a favorite of non-coffee drinkers who have stopped by the shop.

Idaho: A Different Cup, Pocatello

The PSL at A Different Cup has been described as "smooth," "creamy," and "delicious." This cute coffee shop also sells kombucha!

Illinois: Wildberry Pancakes and Café, Chicago

Wildberry attracts a ton of hungry tourists who have stopped in for a bite after taking photos at Chicago's famous Cloud Gate (also known as "The Bean"). That said, whether you're enjoying pumpkin pancakes or a pumpkin spice latte, Wildberry gets it just right.

Indiana: Bee Coffee Roasters, Indianapolis

Bee Coffee Roasters adds freshly shaved nutmeg on top of their pumpkin spice lattes. One Yelp reviewer even called it "liquid pumpkin pie."

Iowa: The Java House – Downtown, Iowa City

This is a local spot favored by college kids for its coffee and seasonal drinks. Customers love The Java House's PSL, but they also love their signature drinks like the "Java Cooler" which is an iced coffee with vanilla and caramel.

Kansas: Sweet Tees Coffee Shop, Olathe

Sweet Tees Coffee Shop serves pumpkin spice lattes year round. You can sip your PSL out of one of the many eccentric mugs decorating the shop as well.

Kentucky: Cedar Grove Coffee House, Shepherdsville

Many of Cedar Grove Coffee House's reviews talk about their excellent pumpkin spice latte. The little shop even has a selection of paninis and will offer your dog (if you bring one) a dish of whipped cream.

Louisiana: Cafe Envie & Espresso Bar, New Orleans

Customers flock to this New Orleans café for its pumpkin spiced lattes and local favorites like Café Envie's "breakfast in a cup". The order is a disposable cup filled with grits, hash browns, sausage, gravy, eggs, and bacon. Yum!

Maine: Coffee by Design, Freeport

This coffee shop is actually located inside an L.L.Bean. Their pumpkin spice latte is notably sweet and a little spicy. Coffee by Design also offers a blueberry maple latte which sounds intense!

Maryland: Gazebo, Gaithersburg

The pumpkin spice latte is a must have at Gazebo in Maryland. It's one of the most mentioned items on their Yelp page. The Korean-owned neighborhood gem also serves things like pumpkin waffles and blueberry pancakes, as well as Korean dishes like kimchi fried rice and curry special with chicken.

Massachusetts: Revelator Coffee Company (formerly Wired Puppy Boston), Boston

This hipster Newbury coffee shop recent had its name changed from Wired Puppy to Revelator Coffee Company, but it's still a big hit with everyone from the college crowd to the local scene. Their PSL is still supposedly great!

Michigan: The Songbird Café, Ann Arbor

Not only does The Songbird Café serve a pumpkin spice latte that Yelpers call "delicious" and "amazing," they serve a cardamom rose latte that's supposed to also be excellent.

Minnesota: Carley Coffee, Minneapolis

If you're looking for a cozy spot with armchairs, a fireplace, and strong coffee, definitely check out Carley Coffee in Minneapolis. Not only are all the quiches, oatmeal, cookies, and muffins homemade, but their pumpkin spice latte is truly the tastiest in Minnesota.

Mississippi: The Tatonut Shop, Ocean Springs

This doughnut shop has pumpkin spice everything! They offer pumpkin spice lattes, coffees, doughnuts, and more. It's called "The Tatonut" because the shop uses potatoes instead of flour in their recipe.

Missouri: Picasso's Coffee House, Saint Charles

"I love their Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is better than Starbuck's," wrote one passionate reviewer of Picasso's Coffee House's PSL. The quaint coffee shop is decorated with art from local artists giving it an atmosphere as spicy as your beverage.

Montana: City Brew Coffee, Butte

It may be a chain, but Montanans love City Brew Coffee. They have pastries, sandwiches, and of course the best pumpkin spice lattes in Montana.

Nebraska: Fox Hollow Coffee, Omaha

There are a few different kinds of pumpkin spice lattes at Fox Hollow Coffee in Omaha. There's the "Great White" Pumpkin latte, dark pumpkin latte, and a pumpkin pie latte, all of which their customers say are delicious.

Nevada: Grouchy John's Coffee, Las Vegas

"Best spiced pumpkin latte in the valley! I'm not sure what they use but it tastes like real pumpkin and not a sugary syrup like other coffee shops," wrote a Grouchy John's Coffee customer on Yelp.

New Hampshire: Tucker's, Concord

Tucker's in New Hampshire has all the pumpkin breakfast goodies you could ever want. They serve excellent PSLs, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin coffee, and more. But, it does get crowded. "There's always a wait, but you can help yourself to a mug of coffee while you wait and they keep things moving. Just budget 30 mins of wait time in," wrote a Yelper.

New Jersey: Bwè Kafe, Hoboken

This seasonal item is a favorite of customers to Bwè Kafe." I absolutely love their Spice latte it is one of a kind! Amazing you must try — beats out the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte 1000 times over," wrote a Yelper.

New Mexico: The Brew, Albuquerque

The Brew has tons of tasty drinks like their Jack Skellington, aka their pumpkin pie latte. Many reviews say that it is the "perfect level of sweetness." Also, the actors from the popular TV show "Better Call Saul" have been known to frequent this place.

New York: 12 Corners Coffee, New York

It's nice to know that even trendy New Yorkers are not immune to the allure of pumpkin spice lattes. When they crave the sweet orange drink, they head to 12 Corners Coffee. Not only does the drink look amazing — their Instagram has tons of tasty looking photos with PSLs decorated in latte art — according to reviews it also tastes divine.

North Carolina: Sola Coffee Café, Raleigh

"Greatest pumpkin spice latte ever. Can definitely taste the nutmeg and cinnamon. If you love spiced drinks definitely get this," wrote a Yelper of Sola Coffee Café's PSL.

North Dakota: Main Street Grind, Watford City

This North Dakota coffee shop occasionally has lines due to how popular it is. Customers love Main Street Grind's coffee, food, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Ohio: Warehouse 4 Coffee, Vandalia

Warehouse 4 Coffee uses real pumpkin puree to make their PSLs, which is a big draw for customers looking to escape too-sweet syrupy drinks. "I haven't had a bad coffee there yet. High quality, absolutely great," wrote a Yelper.

Oklahoma: Clarity Coffee, Oklahoma City

"Today the pumpkin spice latte blows the Starbucks version outta the park, but in past visits I've swooned over maple rosemary, rose, oatmeal, and lavender lattes," wrote a reviewer of Clarity Coffee's drink menu.

Oregon: Flying Cat Coffee, Portland

If you're visiting Portland and craving a spicy pumpkin drink, stop by Flying Cat Coffee. They're known for having the best pumpkin spice latte in Oregon. "Five stars for the pumpkin spice latte. The sign outside claiming real pumpkin caught my attention. They weren't kidding — so delicious, decadent without being sickly sweet. I will never have a Starbucks PSL again, for I have seen the light," someone commented on Yelp.

Pennsylvania: Good Karma Café, Philadelphia

Whether you're grabbing a pumpkin spice latte or a pumpkin chai, you can't go wrong at Good Karma Café. The hip coffee shop offers the typically seasonal beverage all year round, as well as something called the Cinderella latte, a pumpkin spice latte with vanilla.

Rhode Island: Coffee Grinder, Newport

This great Rhode Island coffee shop is right on the wharf and serves not only pumpkin spice lattes, but also cider, scones and even clam chowder.

South Carolina: Orange Spot Coffee, North Charleston

For at least one Yelper, the experience of trying Orange Spot Coffee's PSL was a genuine epiphany. "I wasn't sure if I wanted the pumpkin spice latte or not (so sue me for feeling conformist; I was wearing yoga pants and flannel, after all!) and she said that it was actually made from real pumpkin! I had to try it. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but then I realized it was because the latte wasn't like other pumpkin lattes — it wasn't sickeningly sweet, but rich and complex. No Starbucks-y syrup-y grossness for me anymore. That latte was great."

South Dakota: Coffea Roasterie, Coffea Roasterie

Everybody loves Coffea Roasterie's wide selection of teas and lattes. This local café uses high quality ingredients to make all their baked goods and sweet drinks such as their pumpkin spice latte, which they call their "Charlie Brown latte."

Tennessee: Crema, Nashville

Crema knows what they're doing making their pumpkin spice latte. Many reviews have celebrated that it's nothing like Starbucks, saying it isn't "sickly sweet" like those from the chain. "It's comforting and it is definitely my go-to now," wrote a reviewer.

Texas: Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse, Plano

Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse serves pumpkin spice lattes all year round. They're topped with cinnamon! Mmm.

Utah: Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse, Park City

"Excellent pumpkin spice lattes... great ambiance and location right on Main St. Will be back the next time we're in Park City!" commented a Yelper of Atticus Coffee.

Vermont: The Brown Cow Café, Bennington

This Earth-conscious café is a local favorite for its reasonable prices, great food, and fantastic pumpkin spice lattes! The Brown Cow Café also has a ton of vegetarian and vegan options.

Virginia: De Clieu Coffee & Sandwich, Fairfax

Be sure to check out De Clieu Coffee's pumpkin pie latte which one Yelper says is, "a great balance of flavors and not overly sweet." They also sell pumpkin muffins!

Washington: Monorail Espresso, Seattle

The coffee in Seattle is some of the best in the country, and Monorail Espresso in Seattle does it so well, they're serving the best PSL in Washington state. The café also sells maple bacon lattes and eggnog (seasonally).

Washington D.C.: Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon Coffee frequently has seasonal specials like the "raspberry mocha" and the "cinnamon spice latte" but what they're known for is their pumpkin spice latte. It's the go-to for many visitors to this D.C.'s coffee shop.

West Virginia: Wheeling Coffee Shoppe, Wheeling

"This place does not use some random factory made syrup for their Pumpkin Spice lattes. They make a homemade Pumpkin puree and dissolve it into your drink. You can't find this kind of flavor and originality just anywhere," wrote a Yelper of Wheeling Coffee Shoppe.

Wisconsin: Blue's Egg, Milwaukee

Blue's Egg's PSL is a little more on the sweet side, but people in Wisconsin seem to like that about it. If you're looking for more pumpkin menu items they also do pumpkin-stuffed crepes and French toast.

Wyoming: Rawhide Coffee, Cody

This Cody coffee shop is frequently described as "warm and inviting" which is exactly how you want the place you pick up your PSL from to be. Rawhide Coffee has tons of coffee and latte flavors, but the fan favorite is pumpkin spice. It's the best pumpkin spice latte in Wyoming, For those who can't make the drive to Cody, these are the best and worst store-bought PSLs.

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