Tennessee Is the Most Excited About Starbucks' PSL

The Volunteer State is all about PSL

A website used trends software to track which state tweeted the most about Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte and found that it was Tennessee. 

If you thought you were excited about Starbucks rolling out their iconic pumpkin spice lattes on August 28, you’ve got nothing on Tennessee. This Southern state could not stop tweeting about the cinnamon-y, orange-y, pumpkin-tasting beverage, according to a data analysis by one website. 

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The Daring Kitchen used trends software to analyze 100,000 geotagged tweets from all over the country, and they discovered that Tennesseans tweeted about Starbucks’ signature fall drink on the day it launched at a higher rate than any other state. Twitter users out of Tennessee apparently used hashtags such as #PSL, #pumpkinspicelatte, and #pumpkinspice more than anybody else in the country.

In fact (according to The Daring Kitchen, at least) practically half of the tweets coming out of Tennessee on the Starbucks-appointed first official day of fall were about the PSLs — fully 41 percent of Tennessee tweets involved the drink. The next closest state was West Virginia with only 6 percent. How basic is that?

While that sizeable statistical gap might raise some eyebrows, we’re amused by the idea of Tennessee being absolutely rabid for PSLs. Just in case the analysis is accurate, Starbucks baristas in the state might want to be on the lookout for foaming-at-the-mouth PSL-tweeters and report any sightings to animal control.

The Daring Kitchen

As you can discern from the map above, The Daring Kitchen also claims that Washington, Oregon, and Indiana were big on tweeting about PSLs, and the area with the most interest overall was the Midwest. The biggest surprise, however, was Michigan; despite its Midwest location, the state was among the least eager to tweet about Starbucks’ signature drink. Perhaps Michiganders are too preoccupied tweeting about all the signs they're obsessed with fall.