Feed a Crowd With These 11 Festive Recipe Ideas

Check out these festive dish ideas to serve to a houseful of family and friends

Feed a crowd with these bacon wrapped dates

Serving and feeding a crowd of people is no easy feat.

First of all, you want to ensure that everyone eats well and is satisfied with your culinary creations (without breaking the bank); but it is also important to serve your food in a way that’s tailored to your group and atmosphere.

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For instance, if you've got a large group for a dinner party, big, one-pot dishes like brisket or hearty soups or stews are great options, but these dishes can also be presented to feed grazers buffet-style at a holiday cocktail party.

All the recipes included in this recipe roundup are perfect examples of how to feed a cheery holiday crowd; recipes for delicious finger foods, cocktails, and main dishes are collected here to give you cooking and entertaining inspiration.  


From cocktail parties to more intimate dinner parties, these 11 dish ideas are great ways to feed the masses in the best, most delicious way possible.