Cookies, Jam, Pâtés, And Other Edible Food Gifts For The Holidays

Cookies, Jam, Pâtés, and Other Edible Food Gifts for the Holidays

We all need to eat, which is why edible food gifts are perfect for anyone, and carry the added bonus of showing you spent time — which is worth more than money — preparing something you know they would love.

To customize your gifts, use seasonal flavors, like cranberry, gingerbread, citrus, and more. Make your cookies, cakes, and jams stand out with creative wrapping or personalized jars. Finally, bake, can, or cook in larger batches and portion out the goods for multiple gifts at a time.

The beauty is in the details. Add special holiday touches with candied orange peels on cakes, add colorful touches with food coloring, or make your desserts sparkle with edible glitter.

From sweet cakes and cookies to savory pâtés and terrines, we have rounded up our favorite recipes that wrap and travel well for sharing with your favorite foodies this season.

Chicken Liver Pâté with Cranberry Sauce

Wrap up chicken liver pâté for a savory holiday gift that your friends and family will love.

For the Chicken Liver Pâté with Cranberry Sauce, click here.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

Toss these soft and delicious chocolate crinkle cookies in powdered sugar to finish their dramatic look. You will love the subtle hint of cardamom adds just the right amount of spice to these chocolate cookies.

For the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies recipe, click here.

Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bark

This chocolate orange bark uses fresh winter citrus, and it makes a delicious DIY holiday food gift.

For the Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bark recipe, click here.

Cranberry Orange Jam

This cranberry orange jam serves as such a simple but sumptuous host/hostess gift or wonderful side dish. You can make the jam, put it in mason jars, and gift it. Your host will love that you took the time to make something special instead of just bringing a bottle of wine. — Milagros Cruz

For the Cranberry Orange Jam recipe, click here.

Foie Gras Terrine

Spoil friends and family with the gift of a decadent foie gras terrine this holiday season or save it for yourself to serve at your next holiday party with preserves and toast points.

For the Foie Gras Terrine recipe, click here.

Garam Masala Fruitcake

Fruitcake is a traditional holiday gift, and this recipe will give your fruitcake a spice of Indian flavor.  —Deeba Rajpal

For the Garam Masala Fruitcake recipe, click here.

Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies

These festive Nestlé Toll House Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies get some extra holiday cheer (and make an easy Christmas dessert) from colorful morsels. This will be a favorite for family and friends. Try the pan cookie variation for some tasty flair. — Lauren Gordon

Click here for the Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, click here.

Holiday Peppermint Bark

Holiday peppermint bark makes for a great presentation, and it's an easy Christmas dessert to make! Add it to your list of holiday gift ideas. — Lauren Gordon

For the Holiday Peppermint Bark recipe, click here.

Holiday Sugar Cookies

This sugar cookie recipe comes from Jay Muse, owner of Lulu Cake Boutique in New York City and Scarsdale, NY. It is perfect for making cookies of all shapes and sizes to decorate for the holidays.  —Allison Beck

For the Holiday Sugar Cookies recipe, click here.

Lost-and-Found Lemon Pound Cake

This pound cake from Dora Charles' latest cookbook is "feathery-light, rich but not at all heavy, lightly sweet," according to Charles, and it will make a delicious addition to any holiday gift basket.

For the Lost-and-Found Lemon Pound Cake recipe, click here.

Persimmon Pound Cake

Few can resist the dense, rich texture of pound cake, but when paired with persimmons, it takes on a moist texture with a sweet flavor profile that reinvents the flavors of a pound cake altogether.  — Anne Dolce

For the Persimmon Pound Cake recipe, click here.

Prosecco Preserves

Brighten spirits by gifting jars of prosecco preserves this holiday season. Then, use personalized jars to add a customized touch.

For the Prosecco Preserves recipe, click here.

Trefoil Cookies

This is the perfect crisp, yet tender butter cookie to wrap up for friends and family this year. Even better, this cookie is gluten-free for any friends with dietary restrictions.

For the Trefoil Cookies recipe, click here.