Football Frenzy

Watching football is no excuse to eat junk food
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Eat Better in 2014

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We all love seven-layer dip, but we don't like how unhealhty it can be. Try this recipe for a healthier version.
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I made this coleslaw for our little July 4 barbecue. It is based on a recipe from the Joy of Cooking. Of course that one has a lot of unhealthy ingredients like sugar, white vinegar, and mayonnaise, so mine is slightly different. It’s a new...
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This is a delicious and healthy strawberry margarita from, a leader in health and wellness for the young, savvy, and social. This berry-delicious drink is made with fresh strawberries, an excellent source of vitaminc C, fiber, and...

Happy Valentine's Day

5 dessert recipes baked with love (and booze)
Choose the right options when it comes to decadent desserts

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