15 Best Slow-Cooker Chicken Recipes

Go low and slow with these irresistible chicken recipes custom-made for your slow-cooker

Slow-cookers have a special place in our kitchens (and our hearts). There is nothing quite like the knowledge that you are safely cooking a hot dinner, stress-free,  while you're away from your kitchen; and the delightful smell of your meal hitting your olfactories as you cross the threshold when you return is simply bliss.

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One of the most comforting slow-cooked foods you can make is, of course, chicken. Chicken is inarguably one of the ultimate comfort foods; it’s used in soups and stews, of course, but it’s also implemented in so many other creative and tasty ways (like our Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Marsala, for example.) Kids love it, adults love it, and everybody in between loves it, too. 

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We’ve compiled our favorite slow-cooker chicken recipes for your stomach’s pleasure. Use these to pull off a lovely weekend dinner, or maybe to make a weeknight a little less insane. The only question is: Which recipe will you make first?