Make Your Kid's Lunch Less Boring With These 10 Wraps

Make Your Kid’s Lunch Less Boring with These 10 Wraps

It was bound to happen: Summer is coming to a close, and back-to-school preparations are in full swing. As we buy new backpacks and lunchboxes, we also have to figure out what we're going to fill them with. But never fear — your kids' lunches are about to get much more portable, all thanks to delicious and healthy wraps. Get ready to kick the peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the curb.

Adobo Chicken and Pineapple Wrap

Chicken or pork make these adobo wraps a fantastically delicious and unique lunch option. Also, adobo gets better as it sits longer, so leftovers are a perfect ingredient. "To get an authentic adobo taste, I would advise using Filipino vinegar and soy sauce, which you can find in an Asian supermarket" says special contributor Malou Perez-Nievera. For the Adobo Chicken and Pineapple Wrap recipe, click here.

Apple Cinnamon Wrap

"Most people think of wraps as savory. Why not mix it up and use them as a vessel for something sweet" says special contributor Nina Fomufod.  This apple cinnamon wrap is easy to make and very tasty. If you want to add to it to make a sweet and savory option, you can use sliced turkey as well! For the Apple Cinnamon Wrap recipe, click here.

Asian Crispy Chicken Wrap

"A blend of Asian seasoning and peanut butter create a sauce that is a perfect highlight for this exotic wrap. Easy to prepare, it's stuffed full of vegetables and crispy chicken strips" says special contributor Tyson. For the Asian Crispy Chicken Wrap recipe, click here.

Black Bean, Avocado, Brown Rice, and Chicken Wrap

Superfast and satisfying, this bean and rice wrap is one of our favorites. It's also great for a make-your-own-burrito night with the kids. Just put all the ingredients in little bowls and let them get creative with toppings like chicken and rice. For the Black Bean, Avocado, Brown Rice, and Chicken Wrap recipe, click here.

Chicken Wrap with Apples and Dried Cranberries

A fun play on the popular salad with chicken, apples, and cranberries, this wrap makes all the delicious flavors portable. Instead of using a dressing in the wrap, include honey mustard or ranch dressing on the side as a dipping sauce. For the Chicken Wrap with Apples and Dried Cranberries recipe, click here.

Grilled Turkey Caesar Wrap

Caesar salad is a perennial favorite, so it goes without saying those same flavors are going to be a hit in a wrap. With a creamy dressing, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and healthy grilled turkey, you and your kids will love this lunch option. Serve with a side of grape tomatoes for added nutrients. For the Grilled Turkey Caesar Wrap recipe, click here.

Italian Wrap

If your kids like Italian sandwiches, they are going to love this wrap with salami, mushrooms, bell peppers, and cheese. Customize it further with your favorite Italian deli meats and even add provolone or mozzarella cheeses. For the Italian Wrap recipe, click here.

Mediterranean Grilled Steak Wrap

Marinated steak and Italian dressing get dressed up with red onions and oranges. An addition of mint and feta will make a delicious wrap option. Want to add more? Try Kalamata olives or cucumber spears to kick it up even more. For the Mediterranean Grilled Steak Wrap recipe, click here.

Tomato, Lettuce, and Turkey Bacon Wrap

Make a healthier twist on the traditional BLT by using turkey bacon instead of pork bacon. This wrap is sure to be gobbled up by kids who love the original. If you want to kick it up even further, add cheese and sliced turkey or ham to make it into a club sandwich wrap! For the Tomato, Lettuce, and Turkey Bacon Wrap, click here.

Turkey Aram Wrap

Use cream cheese instead of mayonnaise in your wraps to prevent sogginess — it's an old wrap trick! In this wrap, cream cheese and avocado provide a creamy texture for an otherwise standard turkey wrap. If you want to add more mix-ins, thinly sliced bell peppers and cucumbers would make a crunchy addition. For the Turkey Aram Wrap recipe, click here.